Wednesday, December 24, 2008

PPL Passed!

I'm now officially a Private Pilot Woohoo! Or at least will be when CASA finishes with the paper work but thats to be expected.
I won't bore anyone with details of the test but it was basically just like anyother Nav flight with a few extras thrown in. I made a few mistakes but nothing big enough for me to fail so I'm happy. Now I can do a bit of flying around the place and then its on to the Night Rating. Can't wait!


  1. Big Congratulations!!! You did it! How was the check ride? How was the oral exam? I have heard horror stories about the oral portion of the exam.

    Fly safe!

  2. The check ride seemed just like another Nav but with a few stalls and turns thrown in along the way. I had to do a precautionary search and landing at an unlicensed strip but the ground wind was too strong so we didn't end up landing.

    The oral was easy, only went for about 15 minutes. A bit of KDR (knowledge deficiency report) stuff from the theory exam and then a few things about the plane, then some regulations. Maybe I got out of the theory easy, haha!

  3. Congratulations on your PPL! Hope you'll keep on flying.

    My oral exam was a bit more involved, with questions about minimum width of unlicensed strips and altitudes above which one should carry supplemental oxygen, etc.